Varia is a New Powerful Download Manager for Linux

Varia is a fresh entrant in the world of Linux download managers. It is an open-source solution based on the robust Aria2 command-line download utility.

Boasting a user interface crafted with GTK 4 and libadwaita, Varia seamlessly aligns with the contemporary aesthetics of other GTK apps on Ubuntu.

In a time of supposedly rapid internet connections and instant browser downloads, the question arises – Are dedicated desktop download managers still relevant?

The answer lies in scenarios where large file downloads confront unreliable internet connections or face interruptions due to unforeseen system shutdowns. Varia steps in as a reliable solution, allowing users to resume interrupted downloads, thereby saving both time and bandwidth while ensuring a stress-free experience.

As a new entrant, Varia’s feature set may appear modest in its initial release, encompassing capabilities that allow you to –

  • Add URLs for downloads
  • Download up to 5 files simultaneously
  • Individual or batch cancellation of active downloads
  • Automatic resumption of incomplete downloads on launch
  • A prominent display of the total download speed in the header bar

While Varia refrains from incorporating advanced features seen in established Linux download managers like uGet, it successfully covers the fundamental aspects in its debut version.

As users explore this modern-looking download manager designed explicitly for Ubuntu, one can anticipate potential enhancements, including universally useful features like download speed limits and prioritization of downloads in future updates.

For those yearning for a contemporary and dedicated download manager tailored for Ubuntu, Varia presents itself as a promising option, inviting users to explore its capabilities in the evolving landscape of Linux software.

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Authored by Rohit Sharma
Rohit holds 7+ years of exprience in freelance blog writing. He is a Computer Science Engineer, but his love and passion for reading and writing about technology made him choose the path of freelance tech writing. Besides, he also holds 3+ years of experience in SEO editing and planning.