Aurora - About Us

The Aurora Story


Aurora started life originally in 2008 as the Eeebuntu project; A customized redistribution of Ubuntu; modified specifically for the Eeepc range of netbooks.

Originally a simple collection of scripts and hacks to get Ubuntu 8.04 onto an EeePC it grew into a distribution of its own

By the end of 2008 Eeebuntu had released version 2 of Eeebuntu; over the next 6 months over 400,000 downloads were achieved: Not bad since only 40,000 copies of Version 1.0 were downloaded.

In May/June 2009 the Eeebuntu team released 3.0 to great reviews across numerous review and blogsites such as, Techrepublic and The Register.
To add to the value of Eeebuntu; support for a wide range on non-eeepc netbooks was added to the acpi and kernel.

In June 2009 after an astounding 25,000 downloads, within a week of releasing standard and NBR editions, Eeebuntu were nominated as a finalist in the Sourceforge choice awards 2009. Then in july, after being named as a Finalist, Eeebuntu won the category as "Best New Project of 2009".

In September 2009 the team announced work on Eeebuntu 4 (eb4) but the project would see a shift in support. In December we announced that, as well as a Debian base, we would be looking for Eeebuntu to be supported on all systems : laptop, netbook and desktop alike.


Aurora has been designed from the ground up to be more than just an OS or Linux distribution. We are here to build a user friendly system for user, by users. Aiming to make life simple so the OS just does what the user expects it to do!

We aim to teach our users and help others using the great benefits of open-source and the community by working together to document and write tutorials to teach others, collaborate on new ideas and give the community TRUE input on the system they use.

Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

The Future at 88 miles an hour...

We haven't been to the future (just yet) but we have ambitious plans on how we want to get there and how the end result will be. This picture can be grown and added to by everyone who wishes to join the collaboration effort of the Aurora Project.

Working together we believe that a great system can be built by those who want to use it.

If we build it they will come :D