Aurora - Support

Support : How to get it.

We have Various ways by which our users can help each other by giving and receiving support. Just have a look around and you'll find most issues have simple solutions.If you can find the answer you're looking for just pop the question in our IRC chat or Forums.

Our Community Forums

We have a brilliant and active community who work together and help each other to solve any niggles you might experience. We also have a dedicated moderation team who volunteer to work on the forums to help you with a wide variety of issues.

Community Forums

Squash the Bugs!

Bugs will sometimes appear through the cracks but we aim to squash these quickly and effectively. Any bugs discovered through the forums , IRC ,etc can be logged here for us to track and work to resolve the issue. Keeping the bug reports clean and with plenty of information (or even submitting patches) is a great way to get involved.


IRC Chat Channel

Users can chat real time about any issues they're experiencing and work together to resolve problems quickly. It's also a good place to get to know your fellow users or lend a hand to members.

Guides on the Wiki

Our Wiki site is a growing wealth of information on fixing numerous issues or configuring specific software using guides.Our moderation team look after the wiki entries but if you would like to contribute please message one of the moderation team.

Wiki Guides

Hardware Compatibility

Another aspect of our Wiki is our aim to build a strong database of known hardware components, laptops , netbooks and other devices and the level of support / functionality for them.Over time we will have a vast amount of information on getting specific hardware to work 100% as well as links to guides on how to do this.

We encourage users to submit their hardware compatibility and any guides / resources on how they got certain components work to benefit other users.

Hardware Lists

Tutorials Through our Aurora Guides Project

As well as supporting each other we can also work together to teach and learn new things. Through our Aurora Guides Project you can read or submit a guide on how to use various software or aurora for beginners and guru's alike! Share knowledge and help educate each other.

Aurora Guides