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Adopt a Package

I'm sure we all have our favorite applications we use day in day out on our desktops and we love to always have the latest versions with the latest features available as soon as they're released; even if it is a beta! With this in mind we are offering a way our users can give back and help each other in a simple way. Simply adopt your favourite package / application.

Adopting a package means that you'll keep our repositories up to date with the latest versions (and betas) of your favorite software and any specific dependencies which are required to run it. Our core app's are looked after by the development team but there are a number of applications and packages to look after! Maybe its a program you use day in day out which isn't too common? Why not volunteer to keep it upto date and supply packages for our repo?

Adopt a Package Process

Selecting the Right Package

We are currently building a list of packages available for adoption on our Wiki. Some projects will need more than one maintainer due to the size of the project or the dependencies.

Wiki List

Learn how to Package

Some Projects kindly maintain deb packages of their software , sometimes the latest release is only available via source or another method. Here we can detail various ways of managing these packages and discuss new ways of keeping up to date

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Sign on the dotted line

If you want to commit to looking after a specific application please request via the list on the wiki. We will add new applications based on requests / recommendations too. COMING SOON

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